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Affordable Trading courses

UnchartedFX Trading Courses are designed to allow even entry-level beginners a chance to access years of professional market experience at an inclusive price that won't break the bank while remaining ahead of the market.

Lifetime Updates

When the markets change - so do our lessons. We believe sustainable trading systems are timeless, so our courses are never static and come with dynamic lifetime updates to suit market conditions and keep our students on top.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Empowering traders with the best trading resources available online is what sets us apart. Students love our curriculum and aren't afraid to say it! Check out our testimonials to see what our clients think about us.


Trading with purpose

UnchartedFX sets itself apart from the sea of financial educators by paying attention to raw data and observable, repeatable patterns rather than popular opinion or market hype.

Our vision is to bring one of the most affordable, value-packed trading course curriculums in history, to the world.

To us, trading isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a cheesy online gimmick, but is instead a sustainable lifestyle that must be treated with honor and integrity.

Trading & investing is our passion and our purpose. You’re invited to join us and learn from our senior traders’ years of real life market experience. 

Many trading course providers talk about market theory and analysis, but do not have real-life trading under their belts.

Our CEO Vishal Toora has been actively trading stocks, bonds, forex and commodities since 2012. As he likes to say, “You need to have skin in the game to train your mind and emotions for success.”

UnchartedFX has carved out a simple, profitable trading system available through our video courses and weekly videos available to Patrons.


Our Plan. Your Profits.

We've done all the heavy lifting and market testing, all you have to do is implement our proven strategies to find your own success.
Market Analysis

Weekly videos uploaded to the blog for patrons break down the trade setups we are actively monitoring in the week ahead. These sessions are more valuable than live-trading rooms because they can be reviewed at any time.

Private Groups

All our course members receive lifetime access to our exclusive private groups where members can share setups, strategies and lifestyle tips. The connections made in our private groups are priceless.

Individual Mentoring

Course members receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation with our founder and CEO Vishal Toora, in order to formulate individual trading strategies and recommend additional resources.

Exclusive Benefits

Enrollees receive exclusive membership benefits such as access to our copytrading platform, our members-only newsletter, brokerage discounts, emergency market calls, setup alerts and much more.


Our team. Your Success.

Our team works tirelessly to deliver a superior trading experience for our clients and course members.
Vishal Toora

Founder & CEO

Elena Tavares

Forex Brokerage Partner

Connor Lockhart

Head of System Automations

Larissa McKinnon

Technical Support



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Free Resources Released


Services & Features

We understand your needs and provide trading solutions for every level of investor.

Weekly Market Breakdown

Our founder releases weekly trading setups on our TradingView account, to discuss market trading setups, global events and relevant geopolitics.


Affordable Trading Courses

UnchartedFX provides our clients and followers with access to the most affordable paid market training online.


Individual Coaching

Our founder and market analysts are available by appointment for structured 1-on-1 mentoring, in order to develop individual trading strategies and hold clients accountable to their goals.


Investment Fund Consulting

Our market analysts provide customized consulting for small, medium and large investment funds to help keep up with the economic reality of our changing world.



Our students and clients love what we do and aren't afraid to talk about it.
Sam McDermitt
Sam McDermitt
- Verified Purchase
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"OK so good so far, I want to watch the patreon videos when you have them ready to see you do this in real time but this is a really good knowledge base and I can see how this works better on higher time frames, im used to day trading and its been losing money so this strategy looks promising and please reach out when the patreon videos are ready thank you."
Nilesh Sharma
Nilesh Sharma
- Verified Purchase
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"I've known Vishal for a long time and he's always been the best source for info on anything to do with the world economy. I never considered making money off trading the markets until I saw Vishal doing it successfully. I want to make trading replace my fulltime income and I feel like with Unchartedfx that's possible."
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen
-Verified Purchase
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I'm glad to have been part of the UnchartedFX team from the beginning, there's been lots of growth in my trading knowledge over the years and it's in large part due to Vishal and Unchartedfx providing lessons about what's REALLY happening in the markets and how to make money from it. I love the freedom trading provides me so I can chooose where and how I want to live my life. Thank you!
Michael Caswell
Michael Caswell
- Verified Purchase
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"Very happy with the course. I've been following a lot of traders on instagram for a long time, most of them sell you garbage and tell you it's champagne so this is a refreshing difference. As far as the content goes I'm impressed with how Vishal explains the lifestyle and mindset is a huge part of successful forex trading, this is very true in my experience and so he has designed a real strategy that works in tandem with the right mentality."
Jenny Kim
Jenny Kim
- Verified Purchase
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What really made me choose the unchartedfx forex course was Vishal's ability to show how charting and market structure works despite which market I'm looking at, without much prior knowledge. This is the first forex course I've purchased after a lot of research and I am definitely happy with the course content and the private trading community that came with it.
Connor Lockhart
Connor Lockhart
- Verified Purchase
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Vishal has been an excellent teacher for me over the last 4 years. He is patient, pragmatic and down to earth. I've always enjoyed our training sessions and he is definitely the best trading mentor I have ever had. Highly recommend him and his services to anyone serious about actually making a living as a trader, there are a lot of fake, flashy forex instructors in the industry, meanwhile Vishal has silently honed and perfected his craft and it shows. 5 stars from me and will continue to learn from the master.

Here's why you'll love our forex trading courses

Proven Trading Systems

Tackle any market with no fear of risking your money. Our trading courses provide the insight needed to turn your passion for trading into an income-producing system that stands the test of time, through any market conditions.

Designed For All Traders

UnchartedFX trading courses are created for market analysts of every degree and experience level. Whether you’re just starting out or have been around the block, you’ll be delighted with our course material guaranteed.

Responsive Design

Our courses are designed to work on any device and are responsive to all screen types to give students an awesome user experience based on their lifestyle. Learn on the go or from the comfort of your home.

Private Community

All courses come with access to exclusive private trading groups on Facebook & elsewhere. Stay in the know and connect with like-minded individuals all over the world.

Review & Quiz

At the end of every lesson, you’ll be quizzed to make sure you understood the content and keep you accountable moving forward to the next module.

Profitable Strategies

Our courses allow students to analyze opportunities in any market, and take calculated risks to ensure profitable trading month after month. No more guessing!


Frequently asked questions and answers:

Beginner traders are recommended to join and complete at least one of our online trading courses to have a basic understanding of market theory, analysis and vocabulary. 

Our online trading courses are designed to benefit both beginners and experienced traders like with a valuable financial education that is transferable to any market or time-frame.

UnchartedFX actively profits from trading foreign exchange currency pairs, indices, precious metals, oil, individual stocks and bonds as well as cryptocurrencies. UnchartedFX passively profits from investing in individual stocks, ETF’s, and our proprietary copy trading platform.

The UnchartedFX team trades when we detect probable scenarios for winning entries. We are always scanning the markets for these opportunities but when we cannot find them we do not enter trades just for the sake of being in the market. We don’t chase profitable scenarios, we let them come to us.

We provide many free resources through our blog posts, copy trading platform, and social media. Market Watch, Trading Video Courses, and Forex Mentoring are all paid services available on their respective pages. Our paid resources are both valuable and affordable considering the average returns.

Everything in life has inherent risk. Forex trading risk is measured against probabilities of market patterns repeating themselves over time, leverage size, and emotional control. Trading without a statistical advantage is very risky, which is why we have spent years perfecting our own systems for identifying profitable trades and using proper risk management.