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Easily copy our proven forex trading strategies into your account. This is a truly passive system designed to help our exclusive inner circle benefit from active trading. Contact us today to request a demo!

Copy trading - automated profits

Copy trading on our proprietary platform allows you to leverage the power of our successful traders without spending hours watching the market every day. No technical experience is needed, simply request a demo of our system to connect to our platform and begin copying profitable trading strategies directly into your account! 

With our systems, your money is always under your name and control. You’ll never send us a dime until you’ve made profits. Never again will you have to send money to anyone and HOPE for a return. 

We are proud of our profitability and track record, we always let cautious clients open demo accounts for a small fee if they aren’t completely convinced.

Still have more questions? Read below to understand more about our system and view our earnings to date (updated monthly).

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Trading Strategies


Countries Serviced


Average Win Rate


Supported Brokers

  • 4+ Year Old System
  • 6.5% Average Monthly Returns
  • 35% Max Drawdown

How Does Forex Copy trading Work?

Step 1

Connect your brokerage account to our platform.

Step 2

Let us know which system you'd like your account to copy.

Step 3

Automatically copy our trades to your account.

Step 4

Earn income on par with your selected system, we only make money when you do!


Track Your Copy Trading Results

Tracking your account’s trade results is simple when you use our platform! See profits from your own trades or income you received from every individual strategy provider. Simply log in to your MT4 dashboard to manage your investment portfolio with greater accuracy and better insights. In real-time you can exit unprofitable trades and increase trade sizes for winning signals. The power is in your hands!

Earn Passive Income Automatically

Our successful traders carry out transactions in the financial markets on their real-money accounts.  Afterwards, trades will be automatically copied into your brokerage account. You will start to earn passive income alongside your selected traders. Become a member of our inner circle, request a demo today!