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Forex Trading Course For Beginners

Have you been trading forex for a while but can’t seem to win consistently? Are you a new to forex trader and want to put yourself ahead of the game? This Forex Trading Course for beginners is designed to impart years of knowledge through an easy, video-learning format so you can begin making a living as a forex trader. The benefits of forex trading are:

  • More freedom to make your own rules and schedule.
  • Make money from home on your smartphone or laptop.
  • Travel anywhere in the world with an internet connection while making a full time income.

Trading the world’s financial markets can be daunting, but only when you’re alone and don’t know where to start or who to listen to. Our Founder and CEO – Vishal Toora has actively traded forex, stocks, bonds and commodities for many years, allowing him to find out what works and what doesn’t. Vishal has perfected a system that works to profitably trade any market or time-frame so long as the conditions meet his requirements.


Forex Trading Course Curriculum:


1) Trading Resources

  • Cover some sites that I personally use, and I believe will be valuable to you in your trading career.
  • A walkthrough on how to use


2) Day Trading vs Swing Trading

  • A discussion on Day Trading vs Swing Trading as well as Technical Analysis vs Naked Price Action Trading.
  • Why I recommend new traders begin trading the longer term charts as opposed to the shorter time frames.


3) Candlesticks

  • The first lesson in building the foundations.
  • How to read a Candlestick and how they show us a battle between bulls and bears.
  • Explore specific types of candlesticks and how they can provide us with potential momentum changes.


4) Support and Resistance 

  • The second lesson in building the foundations.
  • An in depth look at support and resistance and how ‘flip’ zones can be used.
  • How Candles at these zones play a larger part in the strategy.


5) Trends and Swings/Waves 

  • The third lesson in building the foundations.
  • We look at the THREE ways that markets move.
  • We dissect each of these trends and how to define them using swings/waves.


6) Patterns

  • The fourth lesson and final lesson in building the foundations.
  • We look at specific patterns that can increase our trade probabilities.
  • What these patterns can tell us about an exhausting trend.


7) Putting It All Together

  • A run down on examples using the strategy where we combine everything learned from the foundation lessons.


8) Risk vs Reward

  • A discussion on trading as a business of probabilities rather than gambling.
  • Why minimizing losses and handling losses is the key to being profitable.


9) Fibonacci

  • How we can use fibonacci as an advanced entry signal for better risk vs reward.
  • How fibonacci can be used to predict a potential swing and used for taking profits.


10) Psychology

  • A discussion on psychology where various topics such as mindset, habits and skills are discussed.


11) Bonus: Further Learning Resources

  • A run down on books which provide great inspiration and knowledge regarding markets, economics, geopolitics and motivation.


12) Bonus: Watchlist Routine

  • Sharing my weekly routine on how I prepare for the week ahead, and how I look for set ups.


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  1. Samuel McDermitt

    OK so good so far, I want to watch the patreon videos when you have them ready to see you do this in real time but this is a really good knowledge base and I can see how this works better on higher time frames, im used to day trading and its been losing money so this strategy looks promising and please reach out when the patreon videos are ready thank you.

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