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Forex Trading Course For Beginners

Have you been trading forex for a while but can’t seem to win consistently? Are you new to forex trading and want to put yourself ahead of the game? This Forex Trading Course for beginners is designed to impart years of knowledge through an easy, video-learning format so you can begin making a living as a forex trader. The benefits of forex trading are:

  • More freedom to make your own rules and schedule.
  • Make money from home on your smartphone or laptop.
  • Travel anywhere in the world with an internet connection while making a full time income.

Trading the world’s financial markets can be daunting, but only when you’re alone and don’t know where to start or who to listen to. Our Founder and CEO – Vishal Toora has actively traded forex, stocks, bonds and commodities for many years, allowing him to find out what works and what doesn’t. Vishal has perfected a system that works to profitably trade any market or time-frame so long as the conditions meet his requirements.


Forex Trading Course Curriculum:


1) Trading Resources

  • Cover some sites that I personally use, and I believe will be valuable to you in your trading career.
  • A walkthrough on how to use


2) Day Trading vs Swing Trading

  • A discussion on Day Trading vs Swing Trading as well as Technical Analysis vs Naked Price Action Trading.
  • Why I recommend new traders begin trading the longer term charts as opposed to the shorter time frames.


3) Candlesticks

  • The first lesson in building the foundations.
  • How to read a Candlestick and how they show us a battle between bulls and bears.
  • Explore specific types of candlesticks and how they can provide us with potential momentum changes.


4) Support and Resistance 

  • The second lesson in building the foundations.
  • An in depth look at support and resistance and how ‘flip’ zones can be used.
  • How Candles at these zones play a larger part in the strategy.


5) Trends and Swings/Waves 

  • The third lesson in building the foundations.
  • We look at the THREE ways that markets move.
  • We dissect each of these trends and how to define them using swings/waves.


6) Patterns

  • The fourth lesson and final lesson in building the foundations.
  • We look at specific patterns that can increase our trade probabilities.
  • What these patterns can tell us about an exhausting trend.


7) Putting It All Together

  • A rundown on examples using the strategy where we combine everything learned from the foundation lessons.


8) Risk vs Reward

  • A discussion on trading as a business of probabilities rather than gambling.
  • Why minimizing losses and handling losses is the key to being profitable.


9) Fibonacci

  • How we can use Fibonacci as an advanced entry signal for better risk vs reward.
  • How Fibonacci can be used to predict a potential swing and used for taking profits.


10) Psychology

  • A discussion on psychology where various topics such as mindset, habits and skills are discussed.


11) Bonus: Further Learning Resources

  • A rundown on books that provide great inspiration and knowledge regarding markets, economics, geopolitics, and motivation.


12) Bonus: Watchlist Routine

  • Sharing my weekly routine on how I prepare for the week ahead, and how I look for setups.


9 reviews for Forex Trading Course

  1. Samuel McDermitt

    OK so good so far, I want to watch the patreon videos when you have them ready to see you do this in real time but this is a really good knowledge base and I can see how this works better on higher time frames, im used to day trading and its been losing money so this strategy looks promising and please reach out when the patreon videos are ready thank you.

  2. Michael Caswell

    Very happy with the course.
    I’ve been following a lot of traders on instagram for a long time, most of them sell you garbage and tell you it’s champagne so this is a refreshing difference. As far as the content goes I’m impressed with how Vishal explains the lifestyle and mindset is a huge part of successful forex trading, this is very true in my experience and so he has designed a real strategy that works in tandem with the right mentality.

  3. Nilesh Sharma

    Loving the course so far. I’ve known Vishal for a long time and he’s always been the best source for info on anything to do with the world economy. I never considered making money off trading the markets until I saw Vishal doing it successfully. I want to make trading replace my fulltime income and I feel like with Unchartedfx that’s possible.

  4. Elim Kazar

    Ok the course is great. I definitely like your style Vishal, the charts are clean and easy to follow. I would say though it’s a bit boring on the higher time frames like you teach but I know that’s part of my problem, this is suppose to be about making money and winning not about trading being exciting, the social media gurus make it looks intense but now i know most of them are fakes not making the real money so I will do my best to try your way. Props keep up the good work would like to meet you in person one day.

    p.s. do you/will you have affiliate program for the course ever?

  5. Anthony Cecarelli

    Great content, kinda slow at points but really good stuff you know your shit man. Probably one of the best courses I’ve bought so far.

  6. Caleb Poirier

    It doesnt really work on 1m-30m charts though, I wanted a new day trading strategy and I cant say I like this strategy for it. It’s a solid system but it doesnt work for me so I give 3 stars.

  7. Timmy Nguyen

    I’m glad to have been part of the UnchartedFX team from the beginning, there’s been lots of growth in my trading knowledge over the years and it’s in large part due to Vishal and Unchartedfx providing lessons about what’s REALLY happening in the markets and how to make money from it. I love the freedom trading provides me so I can chooose where and how I want to live my life. Thank you!

  8. Joyce Kim

    What really made me choose the unchartedfx forex course was Vishal’s ability to show how charting and market structure works despite which market I’m looking at, without much prior knowledge. This is the first forex course I’ve purchased after a lot of research and I am definitely happy with the course content and the private trading community that came with it.

  9. Itamar Shafir

    Vishal has been an excellent teacher for me over the last 4 years. He is patient, pragmatic and down to earth. I’ve always enjoyed our training sessions and he is definitely the best trading mentor I have ever had. Highly recommend him and his services to anyone serious about actually making a living as a trader, there are a lot of fake, flashy forex instructors in the industry, meanwhile Vishal has silently honed and perfected his craft and it shows. 5 stars from me and will continue to learn from the master.

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