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Vishal Toora

Head Mentor – UnchartedFX Founder

Trading psychology
Price Action

Vishal’s trading style is methodical, patient and profitable. He sees the market for what it is, not what others say it is, this gives his trading a distinct edge over other investors. Book an appointment with our head mentor today, to give your trading a winning advantage!


Frequently asked questions and answers:

Beginner traders are recommended to join and complete at least one of our online trading courses to have a basic understanding of market theory, analysis and vocabulary. 

Our online trading courses are designed to benefit both beginners and experienced traders like with a valuable financial education that is transferable to any market or time-frame.

UnchartedFX actively profits from trading foreign exchange currency pairs, indices, precious metals, oil, individual stocks and bonds as well as cryptocurrencies. UnchartedFX passively profits from investing in individual stocks, ETF’s, and our proprietary copy trading platform.

The UnchartedFX team trades when we detect probable scenarios for winning entries. We are always scanning the markets for these opportunities but when we cannot find them we do not enter trades just for the sake of being in the market. We don’t chase profitable scenarios, we let them come to us.

We provide many free resources through our blog posts, copy trading platform, and social media. Market Watch, Trading Video Courses, and Forex Mentoring are all paid services available on their respective pages. Our paid resources are both valuable and affordable considering the average returns.

Everything in life has inherent risk. Forex trading risk is measured against probabilities of market patterns repeating themselves over time, leverage size, and emotional control. Trading without a statistical advantage is very risky, which is why we have spent years perfecting our own systems for identifying profitable trades and using proper risk management.