Putin: Master of the World?

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Putin: Master of the World?

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I routinely post about Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Russia is probably the best managed nation in terms of economic monetary policy, and central banking. They will come out on top regardless of the outcome of the future.

Putin and the Russians have also played the geopolitical chessboard so well, that they have essentially guaranteed their success.

The US and the west really have no leverage anymore over Russia barring full out escalation of war, or dropping Russia out of the SWIFT payment system.

The US have already issued travel bans, sanctions, seizing and freezing Russian assets etc…For a US President who has been accused of having ties with Russia, no US President has ever been this tough on Russia.

If we kick the Russians out of SWIFT, the Russians and the Chinese already have their own SWIFT network that they will transition to with their allies, and any other nation looking for a way out of the American controlled payment system.

In terms of war, the Russians hold air superiority and missile superiority over the west.

Their ICBM’s can hit New York and Washington in under 20 mins, while London in less than 5 mins.

This is why the west hates the nations receiving the S-400 anti air system, because those nations which obtain it, are now pretty much immune to western attacks by air and missiles.

The Russian think tanks are also decades ahead of us. If you read Jim Rickard’s books where he worked for DARPA and wargamed financial and economic warfare between Russia, China and the west, the Russians always won.

They have planned everything out where the only options we have left are the options mentioned.

So we are now at a point where they foresaw all these sanctions, seizing assets etc, and they have steered past them.

Generally the west would finance a political candidate funneling money through a NGO, but the Russians have already taken care of this, by banning foreign funds to NGO’s. I know people may be upset about this, but this is really the function of NGO’s. A way to funnel and launder money from one country to another because of course a nation giving money to a foreign political party/candidate is illegal.

Let’s not forget about the energy aspect.

I recommend people to read Marin Katusa’s book “The Colder War” for information on how Russia controls every aspect of energy from oil, uranium, natural gas and will probably control clean/alternative energy too.

If the Russians ever decided to shut natural gas delivery to Europe, more than half of Europe would freeze, and their factories would shut down.

The gas pipelines to Europe run through Ukraine, and if Ukraine decides to sabotage these pipelines, the Russians would move in right away to secure them.

In fact most of Europe would welcome this privately, while condemning it publicly. They would rather not lose access to Russian gas. Germany and a few Scandinavian nations are working around this Ukraine issue by building the Nord Stream pipeline which has been condemned by the US. But Germany and those nations NEED Russian gas and want the channels secured.

There is also a Russian gas pipeline from Southern Europe through Turkey. This was what the Syrian war was really all about.


The west and their Middle Eastern allies wanted to build a gas pipeline from Qatar connecting to Saudi and potentially Israeli gas, through Syria and Turkey, up into Southern Europe, so Europe could get away from Russian gas.

Assad went with the Russian deal, and we tried to remove him for a government that would favour the west pipeline.

Russia, for the first time in her modern history, sent her military over her borders for a prolonged campaign to ensure this would not happen. Syria is vital to their node and geopolitical plan.

Then Qatar, the nation that proposed the western pipeline, flipped to the Russian sphere, and many nations such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, blockaded Qatar. They were upset because they had spent a lot of money trying to take Assad down just as the Qatari’s wanted for their pipeline.

Now, we have Turkey and Qatar flipping to the Russian sphere, and the Saudi’s are even interested. Heck even the Israeli’s are showing interest.

Russia gas behemoth, Gazprom, controls stakes in natural gas fields in Iran which has the second largest gas reserves in the world…which will one day be apart of the Russian pipeline through Syria and Turkey!

This is why Iran is really going nuclear. They want nuclear energy so they can use their natural gas reserves solely for exports to make money, not for domestic consumption. Nuclear energy is the obvious choice.

The world starts making sense when you think in terms of money. Media is used to create two things for foreign policy and foreign policy actions which are required:

  • 1) National Interest
  • 2) Moral Purpose

If you are missing both of them, or are missing the other, then you just fabricate it. That’s where the media comes in.

Putin is a very smart man. His favourite sports are judo and chess. They both are about turning an opponents aggression against them. Turning their strengths into weakness.

So where we are today is where Putin is saying:

You have thrown everything you have at me and Russia, and we are still standing, and now if I do something, you have nothing left (except for the two options mentioned previously-war and swift payment).

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Vishal Toora

Vishal Toora

Vishal is an avid market analyst, geopolitical junky and wealth management strategist. As the founder of UnchartedFX, Vishal has over 7 years of live market experience with real money accounts. Originally an archaeologist by career, Vishal decided to pursue trading full-time in 2014 because of the freedom and financial stability awarded from the worlds financial markets successfully.

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